Day of the truffle

Inspired by Gabriel Gate, in honour of Le Tour and in great part due to brakefree generously sending me a Perigord truffle which his sweet looking dog Sal unearthed, I’ve cooked a few dishes to share with youse.

1st up a late Brunch to eat whilst rewatching last nights Alp d’Huez stage. I’d kept the truffle in a container with some eggs for a few days so the flvour of the truffle gets into the eggs. Scrambled them, fresh picked leaves from the garden and shaved truffle over the eggs to finish.

Simple, butas the truffle has a rich, earthy flavour it makes for a real treat.

After spending a lazy day indoors hidig away from the cold/rain I decided we needed some carbo-loading for tonights stage which will decide the TdF winner. Again very simple so to let the truffle do the the talking. Fresh leaves from the garden, boiled up some linguine, tossed it with some butter and garlic, fresh herbs and more shaved truffle.

Thank you brakefree, you’ve made our day/week !!! :wink:

whoa… that looks so tasty. Puts my slapped together home made pizza look terrible.

Beats the pants off Gary Gate!

I also carbo loaded with pasta for the TT, and am surfing optimum caffeination levels.

PS: Hollywood Jeff says hi.

When I read your post I thought “what TT?”, am I missing out on some grand event in Melbourne tomorrow. Then I realized… Speaking of, is there any mountain or road hill climb time trials in the Melbourne proper area? One of my favorite events, but haven’t done in 2 years since I got here.

nice one man! those scrambled eggs look damn tasty, have you used up all your truffle?

Glad you enjoyed it!

Eggs are easy, just a slow gentle heat so they’re not overcooked.

Plenty of truffle left. I’ll set a portion aside for another occasion and use some to flavour some olive oil.

Thanks again, a real treat to use and also know who it came from.

Brush the white fuzz off, that the little bastard trying to keep growing, then I’d reccommend to not put the truffle in oil, as it will go off super fast (fun fact truffle oil isn’t truffle, its a chemical called 2-4, dithiether) but cut it up finely and put it in some softened butter.

Then you can keep the butter for a lot longer than the truffle will usually keep and use it on pasta, eggs, nice sourdough, eat it by itself etc etc etc

Ah cool … I’d heard that about truffle oil and most of what is offered being synthetic but didn’t know the actual stuff will make the oil go rancid quicker.

Will try the butter. Don’t need an invite for butter of fresh bread !!!

I did scrub the fresh mould off after taking the pics. And my dog Medo wasn’t too interested, sniffed it a few times but didn’t get the “wow” excitement usually reserved for men’s crotches.

we might have to have a cook off!!

here are some pics of my last date dinner

rack of lamb with a salad of roast beetroot coriander and goats cheese
and my very special melt in your mouth warm chocolate tart and burnt fig ice cream…


What’s her name? And did it work?

Very impressive by the way :wink:

Katerina the lovely leggy Latvian… and yea it worked for a few months :wink:

i’ve been a chef for 16 years so i have quite a few things up my sleeve
i love the truffled eggs by the way i used to make the said Latvian something very similar on sunday morning :smiley:
the tart is a bit of a show stopper and like every thing i like to do not very hard!!

You shouldn’t talk about women that way.

hahah your a funny guy jono!!

she was a bit of en eye opener :wink:

shame it didn’t last… prolly not a bad thing though she was very kinky and its hard to come back from that once it becomes normal to you!

I was lucky enough to pick up some truffle today from Keith. Now I need to try and cook something with it - I have never tried it before but I will be looking at doing some scrambled eggs tomorrow morning.

Hit me up with some recipes!

What do Truffles taste like?? Never had the opportunity to try one, and they are held in such high regard!

They are the worst smelling thing in the entire fucking world, if that helps.

A French chef who came to pick up truffle yesterday said he thinks they “smell like pussy”