Daylight Savings Time

I love it.

BUT, when i wake up late for track on Sunday, and i’m even later because of DST, and then i decide to go buy breakfast instead and pig out, and the local EBC Emporium is closed cause they slept in as well, and im hungry and it’s gonna rain.

Happy Sunday?

After having my housemate constantly remind me that we were losing an hour of sleep yesterday, I woke up early and was supposed to go for a ride with a mate. His knee flared up on the way to my house so we didn’t go. I was feeling rather hungover and realised that the pub opened an hour earlier for breakfast!

it’s a happy sunday indeed =D

I friggin’ hate it. Kids won’t go to sleep and it’s dark again for my morning ride.

AND it fades the curtains and puts me chooks off the lay. Queenslanders - enjoy not having it while you can.

grump grump grump grump :frowning:

Welcome back to the Tasmanian time zone folks.

I love it. Bring on the late evening rides!

haha you beat me to it! Don’t forget the increase in skin cancer

Your chooks can tell time :? Smart chooks.