de rosa 58cm

pretty pricey, pretty fuckin amazing too, and then you’ll see what he did to it. seriously. wtf.

on ebay

At least it’s only the spokes. Pretty easy fix. At least they didn’t do something like that fucking crank-disc brake thing. Man that was horrible!

Too big for me, plus I don’t need another De Rosa… oh wait, yes I do.

buy it dan, then i buy off you, later, when i have the cash, or i can work it off, cleaning beer bottles or something, would make a nice wall hanger in the meantime

So close, yet so royally fucked…

that red… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like

too bad it doesnt come with components though, would almost be worth the 2k to throw those wheels in the bin


That’s a lot of bottles that need cleaning Scott.