Death of Emu - Paging HLC!

“He said he expected Swan and Emu would eventually disappear as the big brewers pushed top sellers like Tooheys New and Carlton Draught.”

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good fuckin riddance.

but there was a hard core of Swan Draught drinkers who would taste the difference in the water from other states. "Water dissolves minerals in different regions around the world and makes it taste different,’’ he said.
"It’s all to do with the water quality.’’

Yeah, because people who drink Swan Draught obviously have a refined palette. :rolls eyes:

Emu Bitter and the beaches are about the only things I ever miss from Perth

No no no no NO NO NO NO NO!!! This is the fucking worst, time to stock up on emu.

Sad sad day indeed. I had a Longie of EE last night.

Might have to buy a few more blocks before the brewery closes. Guess i’ll have to keep the carton of stubbies at home as a collectors item, “Mint in box”.

^NOS beers?

for those of you who have not been lucky enough to sample one of WA’s finest:

The closure of the Swan Brewery in Canning Vale, WA, means that WA’s premier beer is under threat. Save the Bush Chook!
This beer is one of Australia’s bread and butter lagers providing a clean, fresh taste with a watered body building up to a malt crescendo with a strong bitter finish. Emu Export is toted as a medium bittered and full bodied beer with a crisp clean taste perfect for the west’s hot, dry climate.

This is a beer that you don’t have to think about, parse or dissect, just drink. It’s an easy beer, …like when you go to the movies and you just want to see something by Warner Brothers rather than the latest David Finch expose on the intricate workings on the existentialist dichotomy of the human mind. If you want to just clear the cobwebs and take a load off your feet then grab a Bush Chook.

Like most regional beers, Emu-Export can inspire passionate loyalty in its drinkers.

Like most good old Aussie lagers Emu Export is an excellent accompaniment for seafood flavours. The unobtrusive malt flavours coupled with the clean bitter finish make it excellent with most simple dishes from the sea.Export goes well with all the traditional light seafoods like grilled reef and pelagic fish with light sauces and flavours. The smooth malty undertone also and clean lager flavour make it a match with most asian cuisine. For a bit of a different from you usual Thai curry or Chinese lamb try Export with a Nepalese spicy dish - the goat if you dare.

Source: Emu Export

It is actually the best beer in the world. Most beers need to be cold, export is far better nice and hot, to get the perfect temperature is simple: place block in boot of car, drive crew to location on a hot day, serve directly from boot. True perfection. One of the rare occasions where cheaper is better, export remains, at certain outlets, $1 a can by the block (stubbies are for poorcuuunts).


Some testimonials (Boozle - Finding Australia’s Cheapest Alcohol)

Emu Bitter starting tasting shit when they dropped the alcohol down to 4.0%…and my beloved Red Can got dropped to 4.4% from 5% for some reason. Export is still pretty fucking good though, very under rated and one of the few beers that are still palatable above 25 degrees.

EB was the first beer I got maggot off, and I still enjoy smashing a few tinnies of sport with the lads so it will be sad to see this iconic brew disappear from our fair state. RIP, I will be drinking nothing but Red Cans until Canning Vale closes.

Trying not to laugh but I think a little bit of wee came out.

Yeah being 86 years old will do that Keir!

Level 2 should do it mate

Dont worry Mike, we can freight you over some good beer at any time. Just let us know. I’m thinking maybe starting with a slab of Melbourne Bitter

Like my beloved Emu, Carlton United breweries tainted the recipe of Melbourne Bitter and dropped it from 4.9% to a limp dicked 4.6%. I’ll just finish my carton of Sierra Nevada Hoptimum and smoke a 3 skinner instead, thanks for the offer though!

Once this becomes Import, I’m moving over to XXXX. Might as well drink the national drink of my other adoptive state.

I’d rather drink Kombucha made from the phlegm oysters of a 3-pack-a-day smoker than drink XXXX!

I thought this thread was going to be about Rod Hull’s sidekick.

ABV is nowhere near that accurate. Even the official foodstandards guide says the beer only has to be within 0.5% of what it says on the label. So that old “manly big dicked” 4.9% melb bitter could actually have been anywhere from 4.4% to 5.4%, and I’d bet a large sum of money that no-one could pick the difference in a blind test.

haha! just spat my drink. limp dick melb bitter hahaha farken hell.

whats hoptimum 10.4% ? shits cray.

Fknlololololol still better than Carlton draught!

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