Death Pedal 2 Prem - Saint Cloud, Wed 5th May

two screening sessions. easy solution

Super long extension cord to the museum, even better solution! :smiley:

as a sidenote: for ‘the revival’ premiere we had well over 200 people. I can pretty much guarantee that you wont have enough room, multiple screenings might help though.

i’d recommend talking to hans about venues. we had a lot of success with Miss Ls, collingwoodworld was good too (but we needed to sort the AV gear ourselves which was a pain). both places let us use their space for free:), there were a couple of other spots we talked about too if you are interested.

What I might do is have 2 or 3 screenings on the night. As the film is only a half hour long the crowd can take turns.

If that fails tomorrow night and people miss out then we could definitely consider another venue for another screening:)

another idea to throw in the pile… use the mobile projector that a group use for the monthly screenings in various urban locations (e.g. merri creek)…

throw tricks while watching tricks?


Suck I missed this due to jobness! Caught up w a crew @ the Museum around 11pm and Brennan told of his tales of picking up his new whip from Shifter Bikes only to stack on the way home with a BMW and tram lines … oweee…

I really wanna know how to learn/do that skid at :44