Death Pedal 2 Prem - Saint Cloud, Wed 5th May

I have nothing to do with this, it has just turned up in my feed more than once today so I thought it might interest some people. I also don’t see a thread here for it.

Death Pedal 2 Premiere
Wednesday 5th May
Saint Cloud Store - 73 GERTRUDE ST
“Come down and watch Death Pedal 2!
Drinks and/or museum sesh afterward.”

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Aww man I can’t come but I SO BADLY want to.

cant wait, trailer looks sweet!

where’s the trailer?


Sweet! I think St.Cloud is my new favourite purveyor of bike stuff. Catch you there.

this is going to be fkn packed, best be gettin there early kids

Trailer looks awesome!! Hopefully try and make it

that trailor is the lamest shi*t I’ve ever seen

now - and only now - do i want to watch it.

sweet see u there - mayb tricks session after prem?

oh~ i cannt wait anymore!~

i’m looking forward to this! if it’s anything like skate vid premieres, everyone gets hype and a good session will go down.

Yeahhh a museum session afterward would be great. I hope we have enough room in the shop for everyone!

‘This event has 100 confirmed guests’.

Back-up plan Nick?

stoked on this !!!

Apparently this only goes for 28mins? What time you think it’ll actually kick off?

I’m thinking around 7:30 for the start of the film.

Thanks buddy

I’m a bit scared about that. I will have the screen set up in the window though so if some people cant fit they will still be able to see the movie from outside (only mirrored). First in best dressed I suppose