define: tubular/clincher

hey, iv been searching through ebay for some wheels: just wanted to know what tubular and clincher mean and if there is any other types. so far all i really know is tubular is for track and cant be used on road… is this right?

if someone could just help me out with explaing the two, that would be much help!

google is your friend!

clincher rim section:

clincher tyre:

tubular rim section:

tubular tyre:

now use google to work out the rest

Tubular tyres are attached to the rim with glue.

Clinchers are the tyres you mostly see around, with an inner tube and stuff.

There is also a tubeless setup that is starting to get popular with mountain bikers (and a very small % of road riders)

I would advise you to stick with clinchers. Here’s more info:
All About Bicycle Tires and Tubes