Degrees of float. Cleat Q.

Ok. So I’ve got a pair of Keo Classic pedals in the parts bin from somewhere or other that I’m contemplating using on my roadie.

For the past 4 or so years I’ve been rolling with shimano SPD MTB m520’s for the double sided ease and practical pedestrian shoes. Both fixed and free wheel this combo has served me well.
I have them wound up pretty tight , and they haven’t let me down yet.

I have a pair of carnac road shoes and the keo pedals, just need the cleats.

Curious to know what the best option for float is with road pedals that will give an approximation of my SPD’s.
Googling around has led me to the conclusion that the 4.5 degree is probably the right choice, but thought I’d ask the advice of the experienced as to what will be the safest option. 0 doesn’t sound flexible enough, and 9 might be a little sloppy perhaps?

I always rocked 9 and was very happy about it.

Now i use speedplay and am very happy, reckon they give me about 11-12 they way i got em set up.

Yeah, go the 9. You’ll find them fine.

i found 9 wayy too much for me and preferred the 4.5

Speedplay FTW

changed, not fixed.

I run the 9 degree cleats fixed and free. Have them wound to Max tightness on my sw8fixxay and only 5 or 6 clicks on the roadie… Never had an issue.

I think for the 4.5 degree or 0 degree cleats you’d really want to hope you have your pedal stroke and fit dialed in 100% and not ever twist your foot whilst skidding.

don’t put words in my mouth bra… Get some balls, use your own

Speed plays are no more expensive that other half decent road peddle systems… Double sided, adjustable float… Both major wins.

justdave has stated that he has pedals and shoes so is not likely to buy Speedplays.

I’ve has been running red (9 degree) cleats on my Look Deltas since about 1988.
When I broke my favour Look pedals I decided to bite the bullet and get Keos and have been using the grey (4.5 degree) cleats since
early this year as they pedals came with them and I didn’t feel the need to change them.

I’ve had no problems with knees once I’d made a couple of fine adjustments to the cleats on the shoes.
However I only ride this on the roadie and the tarck bikes not my sw8fxxys which run SPDs on one and platforms & straps on the other.

Never run the black cleats, have a brand new set of Deltas but thought they would give me grief.

Cheers lads.
Given that my current m520 set up has a quoted 4 degree float, I’m gonna run with a 4.5 Keos.

Have ridden with the red deltas at PP last year and they were a bit too wishy washy for me.

Yeah, I find the float on the red Deltas a bit too much sometimes, however the cleats are worn to shit and I only have Time ATACs (on “professional” setting) to compare too.

I run red cleat left foot, grey cleat right foot. Red cleats aren’t the best for sprinting on the track, it can feel like you’re twisting in a cow pat on the upstroke. Whatever feels best for you will generally be the best option.

Well , I went the 4.5 degree grey and all seems to be fine. Different feel in the feedback through the stiffer road shoe sole, but all good . Thanks for the advice people.

^ smart move. 4.5 is closer to the 6 degrees offered by your old m520’s.

This year I’ve been riding zero floats on the track and I lurve them. And I find 6 degrees perfect for riding singletrack on the MTB. Can’t imagine wanting more float that that personally.

tech spec on 520’s is listed as 4 degrees, hence my choice. But yeah, all seems good to me. Still commute with my SPD’s for the convenience factors. Keos are for w/ends.