Dented/buckled Deep V

So last night I was riding around at some pace, turn down a st and next thing I know it’s a dead end median strip divider thing. Didn’t see it and the curb until it was too late, managed to lift the front over and stop myself flying over the bars but the rear took all the force. Needless to say I walked the rest of the way home

So now my rim looks like this.

Can this be fixed easily? Is it ok a to stick a new tube in there and ride around or will the bent edges pinch it or something?

I’m so cut, relatively new wheelset and all :(. Any advice from some of you wheel experts would be great, or anyone this has happened to

Doesn’t look toooo bad, I’ve seen (and fixed) worse.

Swing by abbotsford cycles if you’re near there, I think they have rim pliers, if not they might have a go at it with wood and hammers (just take yourself off for a coffee while they do it and don’t look back).

No matter if/how it gets done it’ll never look perfect again so if you’re at all precious about how your rim looks, pony up for a new one.

Rag and pliers. Done it before, works a charm

I like to use a very big shifter (flat faced jaws, so no indentation) and a piece of leather I had lying around the shed.
As with HMC, I’ve done this a couple of times to my rear CXP33 thanks a couple of nasty potholes around inner Melb. I get a bit of shudder on the rear brake, but nothing outrageous. Still okay for commuting wheels.

Agreed - and if theres any scratches you think that might cause problems on the inside of your rim, a quick over with some fine sandpaper will sort it out…

but as capt. commuter said - it wont look perfect

take it to dan.

hmm gave it a quick go but Ive only got small pliers. It got hit out of true anyway so I think Ill take it into abbottsford, bit closer for me than dan these days and theyve always been pretty good to me. anyone know what a reasonable price for this should be?
cheers for the tips guys :slight_smile:

Plier work and a true, anything from 25 to 45 would be reasonable, depending on how buckled the wheel is etc…

Nearly 100% sure that Abbotsford has the tool to do it.

same thing happened to me a while back and i did ^^^ that, really does work a charm.

yeah - hammer & block of wood… :slight_smile:

a big shifter spanner and a rag will give you easily the leverage to bend that back

It will be stronger if you just leave it. See if you can mount and inflate before fixing it, since you’re probably brakeless at the back anyway.

Put a Park Tool sticker on that ^^ and it would be worth a couple of hundred $$

and if that one fails

Yep my tiny pliers were no good but shifter worked a treat. Im actually surprised at how soft it felt, really easy to bend.
Just need it trued now