descent - tour de suisse

Last 3.5 Km of Stage 3 (tour-de-suisse-2011)

Descents are the best bits. My most memorable moment in cycling would have to be this descent by Cancellara. Got a flat so pulls over drops his bike just as the team car rocks up mechanic jumps out while the big fella casually goes over to the bushes to take a piss, comes back over and jumps on and whips this out. Best TV i’ve ever seen.


the dude’s got some serious fuking gonads

Watch this at 40 secs. Going 100kmph
How close his wheel comes!
Then he casually gives him a push…
YouTube - ‪Tour de France Stage 8 Descent Cormet de roselend‬‏

Makes me want to go out and attack the hills. Knocking up triple digits has always been a dream. I’m thinking the cycle path on the gateway might be the answer. Smooth, long and steep.

Where’s this?

gateway bridge in brissy…i don’t think it’d be long enough to reach 100 myself. happy to be proven wrong tho :smiley:

fuk the cycle path - for that speed, take the road and hug the wheel of something motorised.

just need the right combination of circumstances - I breached 90 on Dornoch last week by drafting behind a light truck at the top, getting up to speed and then settling into an aero tuck. Seemed easy but was 10k’s an hour faster than I’ve been while pedalling my arse out previously

It’s pretty long and the surface on it is so smooth you pick up speed stupidly quick. Was out there for ACMC and guessing I probably hit 80 before the front got a shake on. (front wheel wasn’t in quite straight) Had plenty of path left to go too. Chuck a 54/55 tt ring on the front and i think you’d get there. Getting in the slip is probably a good option too. I’ve got a wagon… who’s keen??

yes please

… I might finish off one of my late night training sessions this week with a detour out there as I’ve not given it a spin on the roadie - will let you know how it goes