Deuter Bike One 20 - Commuter Backpack

So the LQS backpack was pretty good for what it was, my ROI on that was top notch. However a bit of a tear that grew into a hole had me eyeing off spam emails from EvansCycles.

With my RoadRunner bag still a while away, i got itchy and had my attention drawn to something with a whole lot more features, and for pretty much the same price as what i paid for the LQS

Enter the Deuter Bike One 20 - this sucker is a pretty well thought out commuter pack if i ever did see one.

Rated at 20L, its probably a tad smaller than the LQS, but it has a whole host of features that the LQS didnt. This included; detachable rain cover, helmet storage pocket, air channel back pads, extra front pocket organisers, deeper side pockets, sternum and waist straps, compression straps and an ability to hold a bladder.

So onto the pics

Front - not matt black, but close enough. Compression straps and deep side mesh pockets on each side, note front zip/pocket locations.

Back - two thick air pads creating an air channel to keep your back cool, hole at the top for your bladder hose, sternum strap and a mesh waist strap as well

Main compartment, back has the pocket for bladder, also has a removable foam pad behind that. Zips go down about half way on each side.

Front top pocket, enough to hold phone, wallet, keys and workpass etc.

Front middle pocket, this is suppose to be a compartment to hold your wet clothes. I use it to store my rain jacket, velotoze, repair kit and a mini pump.

Front bottom, has two zipped pockets. One holds the fold out mesh liner which is to store your helmet

Below that stores the rain cover

Maiden commute will be tomorrow, so will see how it rides. Pretty sure i wont be disappointed though.

As for the price, i think RRP is about $100 on wiggle/crc etc. I got it for $63 from Evans during one their sales.

As with my other reviews, ill update as i go along.

These last near enough forever. The helmet holder is good for holding loaves of bread. A+ commuter purchase. Only negative is the hip straps get caught on stuff-cut them off, and the back sweat is as bad as any other backpack.


Will have to wait till it warms up again to test the back air channel thing. Waist straps i just buckle and tighten them flat so out of the way.

Initial morning commute was good, cut and thickness of the shoulder straps was very comfy. Will see how it goes when i have to carry more.

As for helmet carrier, im kind of hoping i can fit a basketball, might be a bit of a stretch though

IMO with a large number of backpacks, none of those air channels help in preventing back sweat. It’s not like there’s an air scoop channeling air down there, which you’d actually need for it to work

I’ve abused a race exp air for about ten years, it’s been great, the zip is finally pulling away from the body from overloading it too many times.

The helmet net has held many an extra bag of groceries / bike wheel / etc.

It has the suspended harness frame that’s better than the pads&channels for back cooling IMHO. I tucked the waist strap behind it on day 1 and it’s never been out since (older one with minimal webbing strap).

It’s 12+3L and could do to be a teeny bit bigger, I found a “women’s” version a year or two ago that had all the same features but was a little bigger. Can’t find it now.

The Bike I Air 16 seems to be the closest match at 16+4L, if I can’t repair my zip I think I’d get this as the replacement.

($125 from pushys with CRAZY30 code:

+1 for race exp air, daily commuter for ~5 years (with occasional gnar schreding hydration pack use).
mine had the same mesh as in the waist straps in blakey’s pics for the shoulder straps and that has started to fray and separate a bit. It’s still got some life left though and would buy again if i wasn’t all about that basket lyfe now

I have to say, while it dosnt eliminate back sweat, i feel like it does a pretty good job of preventing it. I think more to do with having less actual contact area directly onto the back rather than actual air flow (two raised cushion strips).

Commuted in my RoadRunner for the first time this morning and noticed a little more sweat on my back and the bag.