DHB sizing

I think I know of a few people here running bits and pieces of DHB gear.

I’m looking at one of their long sleeve jerseys as a kind of in betweener jacket because I don’t think Sydney is cold enough to warrant a full blown jacket which I already own, at least not one that I can keep on all ride.

How do you find the cut/sizing compared to something like rapha/attaquer or any other race fit type kit.

This is the jersey I’m looking at, and would probably wear it over the top of one of my normal kits which are all the above mentioned brands or very similar in terms of fit. Bit given they might be slightly more relaxed I dare say I could get away with wearing the same size as the kit underneath.

Your Friday thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

I have the short sleeve version of this in an extra small. Im 174cm and 65kg and it fits well. I could fit another jersey underneath it but have never found the need. Have worn it in temps as low as zero degrees amd was comfortable while riding easy. It gets pretty hot and sweaty easily as soon as the intensity goes up. I don’t think it breathes as well as they say. That said I highly recommend it and it’s been one of my most used pieces of kit for early mornings/cold days thus winter.

I have this jacket: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-aeron-storm-waterproof-jacket/

I’m 6’2 and 75kg and the medium is spot on for the skinny dude. It’s more of a shell than a jersey, so I can get a baselayer + thin microfleece under it on cold morning commutes. Usually just a baselayer, which works well.

I also have a couple of their merino baselayers which in medium are a perfect athletic form fit on me: http://www.wiggle.com.au/dhb-merino-long-sleeve-zip-neck-base-layer-m-200/

Dunno about race fit styles, but a medium regular jersey fits just like a Rapha brevet jersey. In non-race cut gear I’m pretty much a medium across the board, for DHB, Santini, Rapha, whatever.
In short, just buy whatever size you are in Rapha, you should be fine*.

*probably. Maybe?

A+ summary, thanks very much.

I hope I planted a seed of doubt that keeps you second-guessing.

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