DHL Quarantine Processing Fee

After receiving a wiggle order a couple of weeks ago I’ve jsut received a invoice from DHL saying I owe them $47.30 for a quarantine processing fee. Google tells me it seems to happen a bit and a lot of people seem to say just dont pay it. But might that affect any future wiggle deliveries I want?

Anyone had this, or know the legalities?

I have never heard about this, I am waiting on a wiggle order myself which seems to be taking longer than usual.
Wiggle were running a promotion recently where they were giving away free samples of supplements (powders, ointments), I am thinking this might be the culprit as to why it was picked up by quarantine.

The package came on time, only 3 days or so. It was only about 130$ worth. The only thing they added in were a couple of energy gel sachets. People say they’ve never been chased up with not paying, but they might also never use DHL again

Sounds like they picked up on the energy gels…

ahh i was wondering why i got a pack of energy gels, thought they threw one in by mistake.

I was talking to Lane the other day who said this happened to him, and I doubt he had energy gels in his order… Pretty whack, hit up wiggle and DHL and see what the deal is.

Just letting you know my wiggle order just rocked up for those of you who were worried.

Surely like 50 grams of energy gel isnt gonna end up costing me $50?! Could that make wiggle responsible for the cost then since I didnt order the gel

Yeah i rang DHL and the man/lady (couldnt tell) was a bitch about it. Said doesnt matter who its from what it is etc etc they are charged by quarantine and pass the cost onto me. Kept saying the same scripted line though, which didnt explicitly say i HAVE to pay, so I dunno. he/she fw’d me an email of the package address form invoice thingo with a quarantine stamp on it.

This happened to my boyfriend (and hundreds of other people according to internet searches). The order was for tyres only and so no need for inspection.

We sent an email to DHL and the fee was cancelled straight away. We got most of the wording from examples other people had posted on the net.

Stovepipe, I can PM you a copy of the email we used when I get home tonight if you like.

^ that would be great virginia thanks! good news that so many people are getting out of it…

why is DHL involved at all? all my wiggle stuff comes via AusPost…

my last packge from wiggle was via DHL, i assume its cos i paid for the extra ‘priroity’ service thingy.

EDIT: Wow that was awkward the courier just came then…three packages one from Wiggle two from Amazon…FEEEELS GOOD.