Diamant/Shimano Ultegra

I’m thinking of purchasing a second hand road bike, 2002 Diamant, with Ultegra 9spd group and Flight Deck shifters (ebay)

2002 issue frame with “period correct” group, am i correct in that it’s Ultegra 6510? Whilst finding this out I read that parts can be quite hard to get. Is this true?

Also, it’s currently got tubulars on it and i’d be looking to switch to clinchers, will this cassette go straight onto a newer shimano friendly hub?

Any other info/thoughts on Diamant frames? This one is lugged Columbus Thron, i’m not finding much info on the web pre 2005 and in english.


Diamant 55cm Road Bike Columbus Thron, Zipp, Ultegra | eBay

I’d buy it, sell the wheels and the fork (here, not ebay!). Get a nice chrome fork and a set of wheels that suit the bike.

Mind you… the guy is also selling a Jamis track bike which has been butchered as well, cos it’s been “drilled for front and rear brakes so it could be used as a very cool road fixie”.

That Ultegra groupset is some of the most solid, reliable road gear ever. I’d grab onto it and never let go. The crankset and shifters are the only parts not available as replacements.

  • Joel

yeah that one, thanks

not being able to get replacement shifters worries me though

I have that same era groupset on my Trek 5200, it goes and goes and goes. Worst case scenario, find a used shifter on ebay, or upgrade to 10 speed.


I had a 6500 group set on an old 90’s Olmo. The RH shifter fell apart one day, it was impossible to find a replacement on ebay (mind you there were lots of LH shifters)… but since the group is so good and Shimano shifters are to fiddly and difficult to overhaul, I just swapped it out for a Dura ace 7400 down tube shifter. Probably more appropriate for the bike and no more cables everywhere, looking at this one you could do the same if the shifter ever goes.