Did i just interpret this right?

Moustache hipster on a fixxie with spokes get the mickey taken out of him by Clover Moore?

I’m sure it’s well intentioned, I find the whole thing condescending.

A bit hypocritical saying cyclists should stay cool tempered then have a old bloke on a scooter getting angry at a slow cyclist haha

speaking of takin the piss out of hipsters on fixies



Pete, you would have been better just staying offline in NZ

My girlfriends in this. She’s not particularly hipster at all, and they only told her at the end after they got her and her friends day drunk at a hip bar and held Samuel Johnson over a bar to drink straight from a tap. It sounds teeerrrriiiiibbbbbllllleeeeeeee.

Oh god… I also know someone in this.

i watched ep 1, it’s really quite bad.

yeah, so chaz, i was watching it on a small tablet, but did I see you in it?

I don’t know what you’re talking about Blakey.

PS: where did you watch it? wouldn’t mind checking it out.

…and, I’ll just leave this here.

TIL - Chaz will do anything to pay the rent…

that was some quality reading, and I’m not surprised our very own chux was in it!! haha

this was my favourite bit…

“The first thing I lost control of was my hands. What the hell did my hands usually do? I started putting them in various places, trying to work out an arrangement that felt vaguely familiar. Nothing worked. It was if I was suddenly in control of a completely different human body that had an entirely foreign set of controls, none of which I knew how to operate.”

coz it made me think of this…


Yeah, see I remembered reading that, plus some other social media posts of yours, and as I started watching it, with all the beards… then I thought I saw you…

SBS app on ios/android to watch it. probably on their website too.

Just watched the trailer. That’s me riding past in the red checked shirt. I did some sweet bike based stunt work that day, I asked to get listed in the credits under ‘Stunt Rider’ - they better come through with that.


sorry chaz, no mention of any sweet bike stunts in the credits… (also, surely some of those names are made up?!)

defs. who’s ever heard of Nathan before?? and that there is more than one of them…

  • actually, Baron is legit. I met that guy, he was hilarious, so was Clare - she does stand up, go check her out, as does Ryan actually - I think most of them were stand up comedians - made for a funny day. Also, I was chatting to that guy I’m sitting next to about Stalin’s rejection of Russian Constructivism, which occurred to us was quite a hipster thing to talk about, and we felt like total method actors for a bit.
    As for the skid and near miss, that was a lot of fun - it was basically “Okay, ride at Sam as fast as possible, just miss him and then abuse him” - not a bad way to make a bit of extra cash.

fucking hell.

A friend of mine, Nicky (who you met when you were in Syd, Rolly) had a small amount of involvement in this production. At one point they were going to use my fixie for a scene, but time/delivery was too difficult so I opted out.

I wish I had now, would’ve popped a little skid for all y’all