Did someone say training????

is it just me or do others get this weird feeling a jaggard rusty knife is next to your throat when ever you engage a bunch on ya fixy.

Let it be known the feeling is potentially mutual.

If your in the Melbourne metro area and keen on getting some longer k?s in then who?s up for a bunch ride…#

Since com games are over DISC should be potentailly be up and running v?shortly. Race time boys and girls… C.O.H.I (come on hop in)

if anyone is keen lets hear some suggestions. I?m hopless at orgainsing this kind of thing. perhaps some rides already exist???

a friend and I are keen to get into racing track.
what is the best way to get into it? which club/venue?
We live in essendon, melbourne, but don’t mind travelling (if its worth it :wink: )

Yes! Bunch rides already do exist.

Every sat morning 7.30am, cnr of Swanston and Elgin St (behind melb uni). Non fixies welcome (everyones gotta start somewhere right?)

As for group track rides/training … no regular organised rides yet on his forum as far as I know …


you can rent out DISC for $xxx an hour… be good for a now-and-then gig, but after a while itd get steep. outdoor?

nah, i mean, is there anywhere you can go to try out track. ie, have someone teach you some stuff, borrow a bike for the first couple of times, etc.

Brunswick track is a good place to start. It’s outdoors and open to the public (free). Just go out there and ride (any bike will do)… see if you like it.


hmmm training.

I clock up anywhere between 50-100km a day on my fixie. Though I am kinda ‘tapering’ at the moment for a solo 24hr mtb race over easter.

I am keen to start up a nightly group ride thing, where the pace is on the hard side of things.

As for the DISC. ‘The track racing lawn bowlers’ have left. Cough up the $$ for a CA license + Brunswick Cycling Club membership and give it shot on Tuesday nights. It will put you in ‘hurt bags’ to begin with, but you will get strong.

so do i just rock up with a handfull of money and race or what?
i’ve ridden on the outdoor velodrome before, but only on a roady. are there any club bikes you can borrow a couple of times 9and if there is, are there any big ones?).

Getting your foot into track racing is not as easy as say mtbing or road racing. You can mess yourself and others up good and proper if you can’t hold a constant line at speed.

If you have never done it before, your best bet is to get along to DISC early on a Tuesday afternoon (before 5pm: You will need to be there before 5 so you can get a Day License). Find a guy called Warren (from CycleSport Victoria + Brunswick Cycling Club) who should be able to help you out with everything. Racing starts at 7pm, so if you get there early you will be able to cut some laps and see what it is all about.

Another option is heading along on a Sunday Morning. Not sure how it works, but I think it is some kinda skills+training thing. I hit the dirt on Sunday, so I have never been.

As for bikes. Brunswick, have a couple bikes. Not sure about sizing.

Warren can be reached here;

warren.vigor [at] cycling.org.au

Tell him you want to give track cycling a go and he will be able to help you out.

A good place to start training ie… borrow fixies (why don’t you have your own???) is Blackburn cycling club.

They have a few coaches and a shed full of various sizes ect to practice on. Hit the website www.blackburncycling.org.au

get on to a guy named Simon Quick, this dude will know who to talk to if he cant help ya.

And buy ya self a tracky!!! 8)


We have a WORLD CLASS UNFOOKIN BELIEVABLE Track at DISC, and numerous great outdoor tracks in the outer suburbs.

In Canada there is ONE indoor track, its 200m and has VOLLEYBALL running during racing - ‘ball on the track’ is heard at least once a night.

USA has LA and a handful of dodgy tracks across the country.

We are number one in track for a reason - ride it now!

Here i am picturing ‘lawn bowl on the track’!

Any idea what time?


Any idea what time?[/quote]

Gee the internet is amazing :oops: