different but connected topics...

the attempt by new jersey to ban quick releases on wheels.
started when a bunch of WalMart bikes got assembled by chimps and sold to howler monkeys.
some of the howler monkey cubs got hurt when their parents didn’t supervise them properly, and now a blanket ban is in the process of being introduced to the legislature

read the muppetry and weep.

and in different but related news

why are they related?
well, both relate to people not wanting to take responsibility for themselves, and rely on the government to legislate the world safe instead.
stupid parents want the government to protect their little darlings, and the truck drivers want to say it’s all the fault of the government for not making bikes get off the road.
there are other arguments on both issues, but the bottom line for each is “don’t blame me, i’m not responsible, it’s societies job to stop this happening.”

one more reason to stock up on ammunition and wait for the inevitable zombie infestation…

including zombie monkeys?

Of course :roll:

Don’t forget they are flying zombie monkey’s… with ray guns.

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