Dirty Day Out - Sunday 28th August

A nice 9 degrees for up that way. :smiley:

Sooo, I checked the train timetable and there’s effing trackwork on that day between Blacktown and Lithgow. All services replaced by buses.

Rod is trying to come up with a plan b.

yes. very disappointed. Very. The amount of times trackwork has ruined my plans is quite astounding given that i only use trains about twice a year.

Just ride between stops

Basically the options are:

a) car shuttles - I can drive and take 3 people with bikes. Park at Glenbrook. Shuttle between Glenbrook & Wentworth falls (approx 55kms!). it’s a major hassle though.

b) Do a royal national park firetrail grind - loftus/audley/waterfall/heathcote/loftus. This might be difficult for people wholive north or north west to get to though.

c) maybe somewhere northwestish - i know a bit of a loop that runs off Bells line of Road down to burralow creek and up to Bilpin. Pretty far from public trasnport though.

d) Not sure yet.

I am leaning towards Royal national park - but what does eveyone think?

I’d be keen for a royal national park grind.

Man, I was so pumped for the mountains…

Will have to think about what I wanna do.


Yeah, I have a bunch of family stuff that has come up this week and would be out anyway. Rod and all, I’m really keen to go single-speeding still. Will make sure that I get out at another time.

Sorry about the trackwork too, it sucks. And if you are looking for an alternative I would suggest the old north road and return via St Albans maybe. It is a bit more technical in parts on the GNR, and then downhill dirt cruising to the pub.

Just so it’s official this ride has been cancelled (postponed?) due to trackwork affecting everyone’s ability to get to Wentworth Falls and back. I don’t know when I will have a free weekend next, but won’t be till late September.

There was talk of doing a RNP fire trail grind instead but I have heard those mtb trails are closed too because of the recent rain and they need to dry out.

Heavymetal is doing a Wisemans Ferry ride, and Evan and I might head to Wylde MTB park for a spin ( if it is open! - bloody rain).

Disappointed but out of our control.
Stay tuned for more rides

Bummer! Next time.