Dirty Day Out - Sunday 28th August

I am proposing a DDO in the Blue Mountains, from Wentworth Falls to Glenbrook.

It is basically riding Tableland Rd, then the Murphys Fire Trail from Wentworth Falls to Woodford, then the Oaks fire trail from Woodford to Glenbrook.

The complete distance will be between 60-70km, probably 80% dirt and overall it is downhill but there are a couple of steep ups.

It isn’t as hard or as long as a DDDO (Dircks Dirty Day Out) but still fun. There is an option of Singletrack for the last couple of KMs of the oaks trail as well.

Map & Elevation Profile:

There’s a 7.22am train from Central that gets to Wentworth Falls at 9.24, or an 8.18am train that gets there at 10.20am. As far as I can tell there isn’t any trackwork that weekend.

I will most likely do it on my SSMTB, so it won’t be a fast ride, and we can wait for people at the top of each hill or intersection. There is some mobile reception on the high points of the ride, but none in the valleys. We can fill up with water/snacks at Wentworth Falls, Woodford & Glenbrook.

We could ride a bit back up the hill to the Lapstone Hotel at the end of the ride for beverages, or get take away beers & pies from Glenbrook bakery.


Sounds good Rod. Tentatively in! Might even ride the dumb 2-speed surly. Reckon 60mm slicks will be okay?

Edit: earlier always suits me better, I can join the train at parramatta.

definitely doable on 60mm slicks, but depending on recent weather the fire trails can get a bit rocky/washed out, so a bit of grip would by good. .

IN like flynn

will also ride my big dumb surly, and will also join the train at Parra

Yeah I’m in, I have a big dumb surly too.

Stoked! Will be good to see you both.

Ok, I just took delivery of a pair of Scott Ozon 2.0 somethings. I think they’re some OEM thing, velogear had them on a stupid throwout sale, $24 delivered!
They look like this, hopefully will be suitable.

Was more than happy to have a crack on the slicks but this will make the singletrack section a little bit fun. I recall it being pretty good last time I did it back in 2k9 or so, remember that time Rod?

Should be doable. Bec doesn’t work Sunday’s now so I’ll have to ask lol

Hope you make it cam, would be nice to actually do a ride with you. You’ve got a single speed surly, right?

Yeah I remember Jono, with Levon. Good times. It’s been graded heaps since then! Hope you can come Cam, would be sweet to ride with you proper like.

I encourage everyone to be there and share a cider in my honour (tip a little out the the absent homie, yo).

I’m allowed haha nope no single speed surly. I’ll bring the anthem down for this one. It’s the only mtb that’s not in pieces.

Yeah keen rod. Will be good to get out into the bush. Last time we rode was just briefly in the city to five dock.
Did some googling and that looks like a nice ride :slight_smile:

So has thr meeting time been confirmed for this yet? What train from central?

I think we’d decided the 7.22 from Central was the one to get.

Confirm Rod?

I think that will be the best one - will have to confirm that no track work is taking place - but when I checked a few weeks ago nothing was scheduled.

7.22 gets to Wentworth Falls about 9.20 - then say 4-5hrs of riding, then beers/lunch, then train home.

Jono is Riverside Brewing open on Sunday’s in Parramatta? We could go there post ride.

Nah, not open sundays…
I like the baked goods and takeaways idea tbh.

that’s fine with me also.

Sweet! 7:22 is good.

Dusted the anthem off yesterday. It’s been way too long between rides.

Weather’s looking okay at this stage…