Dirty Deeds Mix CD

Hi all

If Karl of the solar cyclic sound system is willing to play something other than dubstep/ drum n bass I’m going to put together sweet mix.

Given there’s going to be kids there, I’m guessing stuff not too ladden with profanities would be best. I’ve also resisted putting any soundgarden or k-pop on there. I’m gonna take suggestions here, but the follwing will probably make the cut.

Venga Boys - We like to Party (for blakey)
Yakkety Sax (Benny Hill theme)
Springsteen - Born to Run
Bad Brains - Sailin On
Descendents - Sick-o-Me
The Flirtations - Nothin but a Heartache
Zomby - Slayed by Shadows
Gang of Four - Damaged Goods
Clipse - Trill
David Bowie - Rebel Rebel
Bon Jovi - Livin on a Prayer
Assuck - Civilization Comes Civilization Goes
Beach Boys - Sloop John B
Napalm Death - Conservative Shithead
Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terrordome
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
Fugazi - Blueprint
His Hero is Gone - Fools Gold
Jay-Z -Justify My Thug
John Mellencamp - Cherry Bomb
Icehouse - Electric Blue (for Sime)
Limp Wrist - I love Hardcore Boys, I love Boys Hardcore
Metallica - Battery
MF Doom - Rap Snitches Knishes
Minor Threat - Stepping Stone
Murder City Devils - I Drink the Wine
Nas - Hero
Notorious B.IG. - Juicy
Sepultura - The Hunt
Slayer - Raining Blood
State of Alert - Gang Fight
Youth of Today - Break Down the Walls
Tiger Uppercut! - Hardcore 101
Wu-Tang - Forever
Althena and Donna - Uptown Rankin’
Toots and the Maytals - 54-46 Was my Number

Holy shit, yes.

heartily approved.

No ‘Eye Of The Tiger’?

DDCX Round #3 just gets better and better.

C.S. was a stroke of fucking genius.

No JT? I’m being serious.

Love the inclution of trill

Surey (I)NC - Cross Of My Calling

On this topic, does that Karl guy have a place to download his playlists? As like a podcast or something.

Also, sounds interesting soundtrack, needs justin timberlake.

My thoughts too, how can you have a race start with out this gem I have the seven inch at home.

i have some JT, i’d put some gaga on there but it may dissaude heavymetal from coming to melbourne for the race.

If Jono can’t take it he should GTFO.

Yeah man, pop kvlt
He needs it forced up him and that.


This might just be the ticket to get me racing.

Icehouse - Electric Blue (for Sime)

this was playing at woolies last night, i was signing along, told the wife i saw a double bill with 1927 at KGV in Tassie in the 80s, she said “shit your old” then followed that with "i thought it was “electric Boom”

JT is ok, but as an organiser ill threaten to call it off if there is lady gaga on there. :wink:

eye of the tiger would be ace…

i’d also vote for ‘welcome to the jungle’

would need ‘you could be mine’ then as well. IIRC Axel had a penchant for wearing his bike shorts in their clips.

wow, you can sign songs?? awesome :wink:

fuck i love it when that happens. misquoted song lyrics are pretty much always funny!

jono loves some gaga, he told me he went to her show at the Sydney town hall as he is one of her little monsters

I went to her show in Melbourne last time she was here. It fucking ruled.