Dirty Deeds Twenty Twelve

Yes Children of the Revolution, its that time again…

Prologue - 15th June
#1 - 15th July (National Series round)
#2 - 26th August
Victorian State Champs (p/b DDCX) - 23rd Sept

More here, including licence updates.

The good times, they are comin’

I must get down for one of these

is p/b DDCX ‘presented by’?

Naah. Peanut butter.

Count me in for a season pass. A pair of racing ralph’s* came in the mail this morning and they need abusing.

*Discounted because they’re 700x35, but please don’t tell that to the organizers of this bicycle cycling event!

Road trip! count me in

I will have a chat to Andy Blair to see if he is going to be heading down again. If so, road trip it is!

better yet, put on one and we’ll come up there.

Can’t wait. Got my cx bike at the end of winter in prep for this :slight_smile:

… fuck yes…

No “I’m going to smash all you kvnts now I have gears”, Gene?

hardly but i hope so

fuck i hate cyclocross. But it’s a good burn.

You got that around the wrong way. Cyclocross is good. But fuck I hate the burn.

Shit yeah! I think I’ll buy a new lens to celebrate.

Stand by for more announcements in the next week or so folks…

Damn I need a cx bike again.

The blog has a new logo it is good.

Also we will be selling sweet tshirts.

stop on by and have a read…

Nice logo!!

Seeing as I can’t make it down this year, I’ll be in for a t-shirt. As long as they’re not $64.95 like all the other shirts on that site…

Someone put on a race in Canberra, I could probably get to one of those, at least to spectate/heckle.