DISC Follow-on.....

Speaking to NDF it seems that everyone had a bloody good time at disc, slowly at first and within 15 mins everyone was having a red-hot go. High on the boards and pulling hard turns at the front…

So, now that most of you have been introduced to the velodrome, who will consider ‘racing’ now as a semi-regular thing on Tues and Thurs?

I’m considering going back, but I doubt I’ll ever race on the velodrome. Much as I did enjoy getting out on the boards it made me realise that what I really love is riding the street and pulling tricks.

I’m with rouguedubb.

Riding on the boards was heaps of fun. But I can’t be arsed to race.


I’m not competitive enough to race. I mean, I’m too lazy to put in all the training necessary to get half decent results.

But I’ll be signing up and hitting the boards again this weekend.

I’m glad everyone had a good time at DISC, It seemed to have the result I was hoping for… everyone had a good time, some will go back, some will be happy to have had a go, and head back to the mean streets…!

I had a great time, and thought the instructors we great, they gave us a bit of instruction and guidance… and then let us loose, I was a bit worried that the session was going to be a bit ?controlled? but they let us go as hard as we wanted, usually yelling at us to go faster???. Great.

I have already been back, (took the day off Wednesday to go and sign up $45 + play $5) I?m definitely going to try to make it a regular thing, not sure if I will get to a racing level (I?m a bit slow, lazy and like beer too much to change) but you never know??.

I’d love to get down there on a semi-regualr basis…
…just waiting on the right cranks :smiley:

Signed up.

Benny and I are going to be there every Sunday for the next month or so. And then we’ll be racing.

Can’t wait.

Got all the bits for my Superbe Pro equipped bike now (thanks to hicksy and andy for filling in the missing links).

Just gotta build it up.


I didn’t make it to your session coz it looked like you already had the numbers. I’ve been riding DISC most Sundays for the last month with the old farts (coz I’m one :lol: ) during the Masters session (11>2). It’s weird, I’ve never raced bikes nor been a compitive person but I’ve got this pull towards racing track. I think it’s purely for the rush. Don’t really care where I come in the field, just want to bang around the Velo as fast as I can.

got superbe pro track pedals? I’d be willing to part with mine for a suitable replacement.

  • Joel

Dunno if this is general knowledge but Carnegie Caulfield CC are running winter training at DISC wednesday nights. All levels welcome and bikes available for hire if needed.

for more info.

Thanks Spaceman, that rocks, I think I can feel a project coming on. A new boards bike maybe for training on Wednesday night. Yes I can see it now.

I went along last night for a look - they seemed a reasonable bunch with a pretty broad range of age/fitness/ability and the session’s organised to cater reasonably for all. Hilton Clarke Snr was coaching, sometimes it’s Daryl Perkins (or Shane) or John Kennedy, who I believe still holds the world outdoor Flying 450 record. I’m getting over a shoulder reconstruction (see my post under the "doored"thread) so I won’t be having a crack myself for a month or two or three, but I’m itchin to. Mike Goldie handles the admin, he’s approachable and his contact details are on the CCCC website. The hire bikes last night were reasonably new Hillbrick Pistas. All looks good.