DISC spectoriing tonight

Hey all,

I’m heading over to DISC tonight to cheer on Horatio (in his C grade debut), if anyone is interested in seeing some sick racing - come on down. I’ll be leaving collingwood area about 7pm.


Is that when you become an eccentric reclusive music producer and shoot women?

Nath, don’t hype it up too much!!! I’m feeling weak. :wink:
But it will be good to have support, yeah!

ahhahaa become??

How did the boy go?

The boy (me) did alright I guess!
I started in D grade for the scratch race which was a silly idea, then went to C grade for the following 2 races. Got a few points in the points race. The final motorpace race involved me making a ridiculous early move with 3 laps to go (?). Needless to say, I felt 4 dudes scream past me as I reached the finish. It is fun to initiate the sprints though, rather than the usual behavior of waiting passively for something to happen…


Hahaha he was there too! Slaving away in D grade with his tiny little (spin little kid spin) brother - in the DeVer team kit.

Horatio was superbe - watch out this christmas, he’ll be on point for the classics.

It sure is. Its more fun when they stick, and you survive till the end…

indeed, indeed :slight_smile:
I think next week I’ll behave a little more ‘reserved’ and see how things pan out. Do you get onto the track much Rhino?

So, so so true. People at Dunc on a Friday night still haven’t figured out that if I’m going to start a sprint it’s in the same spot everytime. Middle of the back straight on the second last lap, usually manage to hold it too :slight_smile: