DIY Chain Whips?

Anyone made their own Chainwhips?

They look pretty fucking easy, ive got plenty of spare 1/8th chain, a hacksaw and a drill.
Any hot tips or is it pretty idiot proof?


sounds alright. what are you going to use for a handle?

Made one with the metal bar from a $2 shop sliding clamp for the handle, needed to hammer the second pin in as my chain tool wouldn’t push the pin in. Worked well until someone at track appropriated it…

PM user Hugs.

He made me a bomb proof one.

got a pic of it?

I was just gonna use a random bit of steel from one of the engineering places down the road then wrap it with bar tape.

I think that’s what he did.

I’ll take a pic tonight.

It’s tuff as shit.

yeah sweet, i mite grab a few legnths of steel and knock a few up if anyone wants one, got heeeeps of old chain here.

use a new black pin…freakin hurts when one lets go.
I made one 1/8 on one side and 3/32 the other.

all you need is a bit of steel with a few holes in it, some chain and a bench vice

I saw a tool in a $2 store down Sydney Rd called a “chain oil filter tool” that looked the business for all of $3.50. I haven’t tried it because I already have a perfectly good one someone knocked up 20 years ago, but if I were getting a new one I’d give it a try first.

i made mine out a piece of billet alu and an old chain with a nut a bolt to hold it on. works great!

I’m interested to see how these turn out, please post pics. If there was some way you could integrate a lock ring tool, that would be sweet.

would be cool but i already got a lock ring tool and id imagine that you would need hardened steel for that.

Just bought a bicycle tool kit thing which come with a whip so its not ontop of my things to do list but will still knock a few up when i have the time.

I bought a shimano one because tools are an area I’m not scared to spend the right money on, but if you made a budget one you could probably sell quite a lot of them.

Hey any one have a pic of one they have made?