DIY chainring bolt spanner

Has anyone ever made one from things lying around the home, or otherwise improvised?
I want to get a stuck chainring bolt off and the bolt protrudes through a little bit, precluding the use of a screwdriver.

I once bent the prongs on a fork so it’d hold the bolt, it kind of worked.

Brilliant. I’ll be back

It almost worked. Unfortunately the notches on the bolt were already worn a bit from previous attempts so the fork prongs just slip. Thanks anyway.

It was a fairly ghetto option. In my experience with worn bolts even a proper holder wont work too well.

did you cut them so they were blunt?? may aswell try now the fork is dead. and +1 to matthias, the park tool one still sucks

No, but I had stuffed the bolt quite a lot already so I don’t think anything would have much chance.

Those PARK ones are only there to make up the numbers in XX piece kits aren’t they?
I made one years ago out of an old (stubby) screwdriver using just a file… works a treat. the taper of the old screwdriver blade helps to locate the tool in the slot. Give it a bit of a love tap with a leather mallet…I haven’t met a CR bolt that didn’t take to its charms.
I also made an angled nipple driver/an awl/ a burnisher.
Man, i have too many tools.


I modified a small wall bracket to fit in the slots. It didn’t work. I ended up buying a proper one.

I’ve got a BBB one that is (uncommonly) better than the Park one I had. It was only about $10-$15…how much is your time worth?

^ and your knuckles.

I was trying to get it done last night so I could ride the bike today.
Thanks for the BBB recommendation. I was going to get the Park one from wiggle for the same price but now I won’t.

One week old. Fresh chainring to the finger after tool slipped. You win some you lose some.

while this is up the top, I thought I’d ask, what do you guys do with chainring bolts where some sod has put a non-grooved part on the back? It’s upsetting me greatly.

^ drill?

^^^ this is what i would suggest for all chainring bolt problems… drill those crappy alloy ones out, spend 20 bucks and go get some stainless ones

I’ve got to drill out mine. It’s a decent stainless one.

Dremel or angle grinder.

Hope you’re okay, man.