Diy disc wheel covers (plastic)

Track TT Time Trial Disc Cover 700c Polo Fixie Wheel | eBay

I have no idea how this would be held on and I am confused by the idea? No holes for cable ties and the “glue” idea sounds messy!

I use a wheelbuilder one for my tt bike with the supplied fixings, that said many people seem to use them only with tape on the rim. The wheelbuilder ones are domed to fit the wheel rather than flat like the one for sale above.

I think you either have to drill your own holes, or do what he has done and use a glue. “shoe goo” would be a really poor choice. If I were to glue them on i would use a Sikabond type glue. It sticks really well, but with a heat gun and a bit of patience, is softened enough to peel off without leaving marks.

Anyone else reckon some poor sod will end up paying a fortune for something they could make for 10 bucks and 15 minutes with some pliers, a knife and a bit of tape?

YouTube - Legit - How to make wheel covers for bike polo

tutorial: sick wheel covers

i love this. TT bikes give me serious chubby’s.

Holy balls, there’s some serious money in that ride, can I ask why you wouldn’t put on a full carbon disc? or is that lighter?

^^ it would certainly be cheaper this way…

It is cheaper, would love are a real disc but just can’t justify the cost for minimal extra aero benefits (and that great disc sound), not actually a zipp either previous owner restickered a S80.

the cover you have used, why dont they work with track wheels???

They would work but would be illegal, it is a fairing and not structural, only legal for tri usage.

Holy seat tube angle!

78 degrees and the seat pretty forward, all makes sense when in the aerobars.

i was only curious, cause looking at sticking some aero bars on my bike and doing some longer distance stuff, and wondering if these would fit on my B43 ok, as the site says no good for track wheels. I dont care about legalities as its only a hobby.

The drive side sits under the cluster so not sure how that would work with a track cog, possibly some cable ties to the spokes at that point rather than under the cog.

yeah thats what i was looking at, and non drive side, obviously depending on fixed/fixed or fixed/free hub, doesnt have that dome sort of thing on the hub like the wheel does on the site. hmmm food for thought!