DIY Foot Straps.

Hi guys,

First post here, so sorry if it’s in the wrong spot.

I thought you may be interested in seeing the foot straps I made.

Basically, I couldn’t afford to buy a set of proper ones like the BOGear straps, but I figured I could make some temporary ones.

All up it cost me $12 and about 2 hours of my time.

I bought a 25mm x 4metre tie down strap from Bunnings (its cheaper than buying webbing without the clip…who know’s why) and some self adhesive velcro (hook and loop) and got cutting and sewing.

I used Make It: Velcro Speed-Straps for Fixed Gear Riders | Gadget Lab | as a guide, but I made two straps per pedal instead of one.

Feedback and questions are more than welcome.

Yeah thats pretty awesome.
Good work!

Now just make about 700 of them in all different colours, chuck your name on them and you dont need to work again for a fair while.

Pffft… if only it were that simple! :stuck_out_tongue:

Josh, neat work. Love the DIY ethic. I DIY’d everything which is how I started BOgear among other reasons. Keep it up!

Anyway, there are two major flaws with your design which I would like to point out. If you can fix these, you could be on to something!

  1. The weakest part of this system is the stitch point. How much do you trust your machine capabilities and thread strength? Seriously, if this stitch blows, the entire strap system will come undone very quickly, and usually at a very inopportune time. If you decide to keep the straps, make sure you check this stitch every time you ride.

  2. I like the attempt at increasing the surface area over foot, but you may find that the joining piece is not stiff enough. When you put your foot in the straps, it will flop forward… meaning you will have to reach down to hold the straps to put your foot in. Not a big issue, but can be a pain when you do it multiple times a day.

Anyway, as I said, nice DIY! Just make sure you watch that stitch!


I know it is pretty lame and would cause some major rub spots… but I would love to see some straps made from these:

I have a seat belt pants belt at home

i had one in ~'93… traded it for a powell tshirt a year or so later i think.

Rangdog, you’re definately right about the stitching. I did it by hand as I don’t have a machine and I have been checking them every time I stop. I think eventually the stitching will come undone and I also used adhesive velcro, so depending on the strength of the glue, it may come away from the webbing. I the design works well I’ll probably get my nana on the sewing machine and get them stitched up properly.

You’re also right about the joiner piece, it needs a bit of stiffening up, so I’m going to have a think today and see if I can stitch or stick something a bit stiffer to the bottom side of the joiner and maybe even the sides of the straps to prevent having to move them everytime I put my feet in the pedal.

EzyLee, I was actually planning on using seatbelt for the straps, but the belts I were a bit too wide for my pedals.

Nice colour frame, lose the white chain

Thanks Aaron.

Yeah I’d like to replace the chain with a normal one…they do look tacky.

Shit mate, make sure you stitch the velcro down. Adhesive velcro won’t hold that long, particularly in the wet and dirt…

That would be the first to blow. (even before the hand stitching - hand stitching can actually be quite strong if you do it right).

I didn’t realise you didn’t stitch the velcro. Get your Nana on to it quick smart! Just make sure she runs the biggest needle possible and takes it slowly. It’s easy to snap needles using these materials, and speed not only makes it worse but also causes thread to bunch up (the velcro also causes this to happen). Double and triple stitch everything if you are using cotton thread… It may look ugly, but at least it will be strong.

nice!! i made sum DIY’s out of an old leather belt i got from an op shop, $3 and 1.5 hours later. also exhaust heat wrap works quite well (y)

moffmoff - exhaust heat wrap? How does that work?

ARTHUR: This new learning amazes me, Sir Bedemir. Explain again how sheeps’ bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes.

I like this. Very cool first post. I will try to get all the stuff for this soon.

I’ve been rolling with some homemade jobs brakeless for few months now.
I know the guy who made them had issues with the metal run not being strong enough, and made them with these much thicker ones.
The Velcro is getting a bit patchy in certain spots which concerns me. My mate also copied the design himself and made out of seatbelts. Work fine. Went to town on the stitching.

Rangdog, I’m very impressed with you being so forthcoming with your help, that’s really cool to see from someone who’s been there done that. Tip of the cap to you sir.

Definately agree with that. Thanks Randog.

Not a problem guys! Hope it all helps!

true. classy.

i was thinking of doing this, but making a sheath for 2 leather straps, sticking them next to eachother and having 4 leather straps and 2 sheaths made from webbing to cover. mums a dressmaker so ive got an industrial machine to cope with the stitching.

good to see ideas being thrown around for the betterment of cycling :slight_smile:


Interesting way to get bmx pedal caged