DIY : How to make a cycling cap!

Well boredum has set in. No uni, no job, nothing else better to do…

Except for make a cycling cap! :mrgreen:

This is my first attempt, Its piss easy, Dirt cheap and so sweet once your done!! I am going to make a few more in the days to come. I have already tweeked my design a lil more!!

So here’s how i went about it;

Time: 2 Hours (first attempt) can easily be done in an 1 hour.

Cost: $10.50

1. 1/4 m of Material ( i used ‘‘Black drill’’ from Spotlight $4)
2. Scissors
3. Pencil
4. Ruler
5. Paper
6. Iron
7. Sowing Machine
8. Thread
9. Sowing Machine Skills (luckily enough i have my nonna staying with my family at the moment.)

1. Ribbon
2. Iron on lettering ($1.30/letter @ Spotlight)

Step One: Designing the cap. I had an old Fassa Bortolo Cap which is aged which i closely studied as well as aided by a design i found on the web

After mucking around with dimensions on the hat panels and brim; i started to trace the pattern onto the material and cut out the shapes.

Step Two: Begin with the side panels. Sew the V sections together. It will look rough it will be the inside of the hat so dont worry. Once you have sewn all fouor panels individually you can then begin to sew them together.

Step Three: You should now have a “Skull Cap” Looking creation in front of you. The next step is to fold the bottom inward and sew around the rim of the cap so that you have a nice clean line around the bottom.

Step Four: Next with the brim. Take the 2 Brim cut outs and sew them together along the curved outter. You should Sew about 5mm inside Curve. Once having done this you should have something that ressembles a small coin purse with the Straight edge still unsewn. Take this to the iron and iron it flat.

Step Five: Find yourself an old or new plastic folder. Have a good look and find the right thickness for you. I used maybe 2mm thick plactic which is pretty good at holding its flat shape. Cut out the shape you require for your brim and slide it in the small material coin purse you just made. Remembering the you need to leave at least 7-10mm gap once it slides in the material so that it can be sewn onto the other “Skull Cap” section with ease and without fucking your sewing machine.

Add the ribbon on the “Skull Cap” section, before sewing on the brim. A stitch down the centre will do.

Step Six:
Take the brim and sew it onto the other section. You may want to hand sew shut the remaining material under there.

Step Seven: Iron

** Add the iron-on-lettering to the brim last if you wish**

Step Eight: BAM!! You got yourself a schweet new cap :-o

Anymore questions?? Sorry i got pretty into it halfway through i didnt take to many pics once it started coming together. Its really not difficult. Its like a puzzle.


Schweet indeed L&C!
There needs to be more DIY stuff going on in this forum. Great effort!

This is great! I was planing on making a cap this weekend too, this guide has just made it even easier for me, Thanks :smiley: . Yours looks really good, did you put elastacic in the back to help it fit properly?

Nah didnt need any. When i stitched together the four side panels i double stitched. First stitch 5mm in and second stitch 10mm in. Tried on the cap before sewing the brim and found it was to small. So i just took out the 10mm stitch at the back which gave me 5mm and it was snug. Its a neat little trick so you are’nt tearing the hat apart and redrawing panels and resewing.

That’s awesome!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Might need to whip up a flannel one for winter.

Nice work Mr Co.

I made a couple of hats during the week using a pattern I found on flickr. The best one I came up with was made out of the legs of an old pair of stretch jeans, works a treat with the elastic in the material. Currently whiping up a phone pouch.

that’s pretty nifty. i need to get myself a sewing machine. and a nonna to drive it.

I made one of these today. It looks like I sewed it with my eyes closed, but its pretty easy and would look great if I could actually sew straight. It was really cheap too, it only cost around $2 or $3.
Thanks for the guide too, helped a lot!