Does anyone know of any stores in MEL that stock DMT shoes?

Mine came from Fitzroy cycles (the dandenong rd one) - was a while ago but last time I was in there they were still stocking them.

Thats my lbs, Lygon Cycles

Cnr Lygon & Edward Streets (I live a stones throw up Edward Street)

Cecil Walker have them on their website.

And sidi’s are the shizzle. :mrgreen:

I just swapped from a pair of toe-crunching Nikes to a pair of Sidi 6.6’s and they are so damn comfortable. I think the main reason for this is that I have a really narrow heel and the Sidis are suck a nice snug fit.


yeah but DMTs fit my feet and they have LACES!!

Thanks all for the linkos - will checkem out.

Laces? What the fuck are they? I’ve had either elastic or velcro on all my shoes for the past 2 years. I think I might have forgotten how to tie them :?

He means this.