do people only ride bicycles in melbourne?

whats with the home page? there are all these “posters” about alleycats and
meet ups and shit in melbourne? i couldn’t see one about sydney? there are about fifty in melbourne…i’m starting to comtenplate moving there…

Yep. We forgot how to walk, drive, get on trams etc. But the morning alleycat sure makes my commute easier and more fun. And the evening alleycat on the commute home also continues to please. But, really, it’s the weekend alleycats that I look forward to most.

I moved here from Sydney in 2008. Never going back …

If there’s a non-Melb event you want to see on the front page, just PM nickj/snowflake/myself.


we lock out bikes up outside the pub on Wednesdays, then put them in the pub’s storage room until Saturday mornings when we walk them to Bourke st and lock them up there while we have coffee.

I don’t know about the others but I ring my wife and then she comes to pick me up, and we drive the flat, bike-laned 4 km back to my house.

I often wonder if any of these guys have cars.

River: if you want “alleycat” style rides, hanging out, taking photos of hanging out, smoking, running reds, taking photos of hanging out smoking and lots of arrospoks and shit, get on the sydney sunday sessions facebook page. I think they do stuff most weeks.

As for the rest of us, mostly too busy with families/jobs/mortgages/study etc. That said, I know most of the regular sydney posters ride most days of the week, and we do group rides on wed and sat and whenever else we can be arsed to arrange stuff.

you’ve changed, maaaan.

That’s what happens when you move to the 'burbs. Shit getz real.

you’re still straight-up-thuggin’ though

thug 4 lyfe

just wondering where i can see the non-Melb events? can’t seem to find any, really

[QUOTE]mostly too busy with families/jobs/mortgages/study etc.[QUOTE]

but somehow have time to constantly be on the internet?

uh, check the “sydney” section?

Le Pista Resistance

Check this site out for Sydney shit

This isn’t the only bicycle website on the internetz. As stated previously, sydney sunday sessions do stuff that doesnt normally get publicised here.
Also as stated previously, there are rides every wednesday and saturday and other times too. Turn up to something, get to know people, get in the loop.
There’s only as many events as people get around to organising, and as far as I know there isn’t much happening in Sydney at the moment: that’s why you can’t find any Sydney events. If you wanna organise something, do it.

fixied. but a very very good piece of advice applause

Speaking as I was about this not being the only bicycling-related webular site, there’s this: MovieCat

I’ll probably go to this.