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Buy Giant Mcr 1998, Giant, Road Bike for Sale in Jan Juc, VIC


Fukn aero

Has been posted before. Mixed emotions

I want it though

Ev has those wheels, they’re anchors!

The ad makes me chuckle.

oh goodness… it’s so ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

anchors or not i love em

fat carbon spokes, not aerospoke, but…
would own.

plastic spokes

still want

Really? Nearly bought one new back in the day! Still infatuated with the non UCI carbon bikes from the past. Hotta, Cheetah, Zipp or Lotus!

Would love to have this in my collection and have been back to the ad quite a few times since it was posted here. Just a little hard to sneak this one into the house given it stands out from the usual diamond frames…

Just say that you filled the main triangle on one of your old bikes with paper mache to make it more aero…

i’d be happy to let you keep it in my garage…i’ll even take it for a spin every now and then, make sure it stays in top condition.

Wouldn’t be noticed if the rear wheel made a familar clicking noise!

Keeping the bike room cluttered and messy has worked so far. But my wife used to ride, so this one does really scream out as different from the six bikes already in there…

Really wish someone would buy it to remove the temptation!

Hit me up if you want to buy said wheels off me, you to Gordy and Balki!