Does Anyone Know Who Made This?

Hey guys just trying to figure out who may have made this gorgeous old thing. It has a cinelli bottom bracket, zeus pista dropouts (I think) and it’s made of ridiculously light beer-can thin steel tubing. Suspected to have been from eastern Europe.
Any hints or clues are appreciated.

makes for one bad arse pursuit bike…

more information please.
serial numbers.
bottom bracket markings

bored and in the USA

The only bottom bracket markings are the Cinelli stamp. No numbers.
I’ll get some exact measurements in the morning, but the frame works out to around 57 square I think
Here are some more pics that I could find.

would love some help.
Similar to the TAKHION SUPER SPORT track bikes from the 80’s? (e.g. TAKHION SUPER SPORT TRACK on velospace, the place for bikes) or this SCHRODER (80’s danish SCHRODER pursuit track bike on velospace, the place for bikes)

It is quite mental. I like it.