Does this Daccordi look legit?

So, I’ve been offered the following frame (not the other parts shown). I’m due to go and have a look at it at the end of the week but am starting to wonder whether its the real deal. The photos are pretty bad but I can’t see any pantographing or “typical” Daccordi details. I’ve asked a bunch of questions but the seller is away from home at the moment so can’t answer all of them (eg I’ve asked whether the drop outs are stamped, any markings on BB shell etc).

Anyone got any opinions?

The placing of the Columbus decals looks a bit weird to me, is that a fork decal on the headtube? The one saving grace is that it had a campy headset installed and is mocked up with campy parts which I guess you wouldn’t generally install on a shitter.

The img tag requires a link to the actual image, not the page address.

I can’t seem to figure out how to get the image address off Flickr, any ideas?

Rigt click on the pic and copy the url from properties.

I just get some blurb about the image rights being reserved. The normal right click menu doesn’t come up.

you need to click on the zoom function then it has the different sizes , then just copy image address =]


can you search the frame number to see if its real or not ??

Any thoughts? I don’t have a frame number. Should get some answers from the seller today.

I don’t know anything about Daccordi bikes but the frame does not look resprayed as the chrome looks intact on the back chainstay and were the paint has rubbed off there is chrome underneath. This would have been difficult to achieve if the bike was resprayed. But that does not mean the bike is not a cheap knockoff or that the owner was very careful to remove the old stickers and but the Daccordi ones on.

Do you know the approx age of the frame? you might be able to check if the decals match the approx frame age.

Is the seller asking Daccordi money? It looks like a nice frame either way, if the price it good an you really like it, it might be worth picking it up.
I purchased a cheap 7/11 Merckx that turned out to be a Michalo. Built in coburg and rides better than any othe frame I own.

He’s asking 300. Need to go and take a look at it in the flesh with my tape measure. Thanks for the advice.

Just been sent some more pics and been told headset is Tange Levin (not campy as I thought). Drop out spacing is 126mm at the back. I have seen a similar bike (without decals) that has been discussed on the interwebz, the owner also thought it was a Daccordi.

Questions to ask:
What are the dropouts?
Any Daccordi panto markings?
What does the BB shell say?
Italian BB?

If negative to all of these it’s probably not a Daccordi…
(Sorry I can’t view your images on this browser.)

Waiting to hear back on drop outs and BB threading. No pantos, BB shell has rectangular cut outs and 58 (frame size) stamped into it. Frame details look very similar to this one:

Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - “Ricardo” “Daccordi” frame… w/- pics

Well I ended up buying the frame. At the end of the day I liked it and am going to ride it. Only markings I found were 58 on bb shell, 8 on the steerer tube and a tiny campagnolo on the braze on cable guide near the bb. Paint and chrome is good and looks original.

I picked up a Daccordi frame of the same era today, it’s pretty much the same (smaller though), the fork crown has D pantos though.

Looks exactly like my old Daccordi track. Same colour, same decals and lugs. If the forks are panto’s then its a daccordi. During the 80’s they were being brought into Australia, but nothing flash just basic stuff.

I have a frame with Daccordi decals, no panto at all, so I started to suspect that only the decals were Daccordi, but the luggs and details are identical to your frame.