Doing a order

Grabbing the Ultegra 6800 stuff I need for the Wolverine at the end of next week from

Anyone else want or need anything?

Let me know.

If you could chuck a black IQ-X on there without going over import tax limit that’d be rad

Won’t be a problem, only comes to 400 EU for the stuff I need.

Sw8 lemme know how much shipping is and I’ll send you some $$$

Last chance for anyone else that’s interested, placing the order tonight.

And with the stuff Andy PM’d me to grab, the order has been placed.

Hi guys. I’m doing a Bike24 order soon (more spokes). PM me if you’d like to get in.

Deadline Monday evening.

Should do this to get new spokes for my rear wheel and rebuild it properly for the correct dish.

hmmmm… could possibly order a dynamo front. Decision time!

Doooo eeeeeet. They sell SPs…

Yep, even the golf ball tiny SV-9.

I haven’t ordered yet (been distracted). Will probably place the order tonight if anyone is still interested.

PM me if you want in.