Doing a Swrve order...

Seeing if anyone wants something because the shipping drops to about $10/$15 when its a few pieces rather than the $30ish for just one. I’ll deliver it to you when it comes if you’re in the inner burbs/CBD.

PM me if you were thinking of ordering anything-will be doing order at the weeks end.

I’ll check it out - what site are you ordering from so I can be 100% i’m not noobing it up :wink:

Here and please PM with anything further-don’t want to miss anyone because i didn’t see the reply to the thread.

Might be interested, had my eye on the black label shorts for a while but I shouldnt be spending any more at the minute

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Will look when I get home >.<

Does anyone rate the knickers?
I need something water resistant for my bottom half for winter. Any suggestions?

Won’t be putting an order in, but the shorts are some of the best I’ve worn! I’ve worn them nearly everyday, since the Knog shop was still open and the crotch still hasn’t blown out which I’ve always found a problem with every other pant or short I’ve worn. Rad shit.

I have them and they’re ace, safe to say everything is ace they do.

i own the jacket its a beast, rain rolls off it like duck feathers and the jersey pockets are so handy

edit- this jacket

Agreed - knickers are very comfy and durable, highly recommend.

Warning - I found pant sizes to be quite large, if I recall correctly I thing greenmachine did too. My advice - order a size down in pant sizes for a better fit.

sweet, well I’ll probably grab a pair. Which ones though? There are so many options. It’ll be one of the wind and water repellant ones I reckon.
SWRVE | KNICKERS : mid-weight water + wind repellent
SWRVE | KNICKERS : _blk label light-weight water + wind repellent

anything is better than those tattered maipei knockoffs you insist in riding in :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I love those santini knicks, they’ve been with me through thick and thin (and several layers of skin)
but don’t worry, now it’s colder I’m rarely “Sans shorts”

I got them off a guy who got them off a guy who rides for Astana who’s name I cannot remember. They’re probably worth zillions.

Ive got a pair of the winter softshell knickers, very confortable to ride in, warm and highly water resistant. A bit pricey but totally worth it

Not pricey at all, when considered they aren’t using china, and for how well it holds up to day in day out riding, and on top of that where the dollar is at now. Everyone sorry to change it up a little but I was hoping to get the order out by tonight instead of Friday, need to get a few things ad soon as possible. Pm if you want to ad anything.

I’ve got 'em both but in shorts version.

Mid-weights are made in Pakistan (edit my mid-weight shorts are made in Pakistan… the knicks you linked to seem to be made in USA), and are slightly tighter fit than the _blk label. Mid weights are supremely stretchy and have a textured woven back face (the bit that touches your skin… so soft!). Rain runs off like expected (chuck them in the dryer to maintain the DWR) but when it eventually wets out, dries in next to no time. Material is thicker than the _blk label, so I thought it would be warmer… it isnt; it pretty much feels the same warmth wise.

_Blk label are like a cross between stretchy board shorts and cycling nicks. I love these and have a hard time taking them off. Supremely comfortable (pretty much the same pattern as the mid-weights, only slightly looser in my pair). These are still made by the Swerve crew in USA… fecking love 'em. Seriously couldn’t recommend a better pair of shorts (the _BLK label). Ive hiked in them, swam in them, cycled in them, run in them. Kind of a do it all short. Highly recommended!

All done guys, should get the delivery in the next two weeks.

I suppose that they arent that pricey from the Aus dollar point of view, when I bought mine I got them in the UK where they cost a fair bit more (think same price as listed but pounds instead of dollars) still absolutely worth it though.

i got a pair of the blk label pants, been wearing them since tuesday and highly recommend them. still look super clean, dirt and dust just brush off. possibly a little warm to ride in when the temperature is around 10+deg, but perfect for hanging out when off the bike. sizing is pretty on par with normal jeans, there’s enough stretch in the waist that you should err on the small side though they are stiff enough not to fall off when a little loose.