Donna Buang, Sat 10th.

Brendan & I will be doing a couple of laps of Donna Buang on Saturday morning, weather pending. Departing Brunswick by car at ~7am.

There will be gears & lycra.

Consider it a warm up for the Enduro?

Shoot me a PM if you want to meet at Warby.

Pete’s back in town now but can’t make it this Saturday so I was thinking of letting it go until 17th.

weather is supposed to be 28 degrees. beautiful!

Next sat 17th for me too. Saving myself for the enduro.

Blakey you almost made me laugh…warmup for the enduro…pffft

more like a warm up for the alpine classic

Good day had by all.

Lap 2 hurts.

Goal for next time: get below 1:10 and somehow beat Brendan.