Don't Reply to Spam

To me, spammers are the internet’s taxi drivers.

As you might expect here, spammers get their posts and accounts deleted and permabanned instantly.

It’s more effort to do that when real people reply to spam threads/posts.

So, please don’t reply to spam. If you see any spam or suspected spam (or anything else you think is objectionable for that matter) please report the post and a mod or admin will take care of it.


I thought as far as forums go this one’s been pretty spam-free…or have I not been paying attention?

I wouldn’t say it’s a terrible problem. And we have enough mods and admins that spam usually disappears pretty quickly. I don’t know why but spammers seem to come in waves. We might go weeks with none and then get a bunch of them in a few days. I loathe them.

hmm, I’ve often replied to the spam posts. Didn’t realize that it made them harder to delete, sorry!

I saw some the other day and couldn’t figure out how to report it.

I’ve since noticed the little triangular ‘caution’ type button at the bottom left hand side of eery post. I assume this is what you’re referring to?

it certainly is!

Dylan, making life harder for everyone as always. lol

[b][u]Hi, This Is To Inform You That , We Are Requesting All The Members Not To reply in spam, So please be Careful Regarding Posting.
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Quoted for lols

I think that’s possibly the first time a spammer has ever made me laugh.


Just bumping this so more people see it.

OK I’ve kind of had enough of this now.

If you reply to spam, you’re getting at least a week off.

oops. sorry.


I think I’m doing this wrong…

I’ve never had the priviledge of having a tin of spam talk to me before, but I reckon a week off would be advisable in order to seek professional help.

my bad.
Don’t beat me master!

Bumping this again… If you see a spam thread, report it, don’t reply to it.


Got it