Douchebag parties too hard, hits cars on way home, lets girlfriend take blame

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong hit two parked cars after a night of partying in Aspen but agreed to let his longtime girlfriend take the blame to avoid national attention, police reports show.

dude is a dicklord of the highest order

Possibly the only douche in the world who can make Tony Abbott seem like a good dude.

Easy on the hyperbowl there tiger.

sounds like he might lose another licence over this…

Yeah. Would place bets on Tone being the only dude still out there defending Lance. “you see, the house wives out there, what they’ve got to understand is that, when you’re married to a high profile man, you’re got to do whatever it takes, I mean whatever it takes…”

you bet you am, you bet I do

why are we talking about this cyclist who won la flèche wallone once?

He won fleche wallone? I was certain he only did one race each year.

remember pre cancer lance was an average one day racer. He won world champs too!

I prefer to remember his failed Amstel Gold races. That said Eric Zabel won one of them. Fark me, Imagine Cav winning it these days
*i know. drugs etc