Downhiller on a cross bike...

Quite amazing what a good rider can do, on any bike!


That’s pretty much Benzy & Sime on their Cx bikes every weekend…

Good rider

Are those carbon Enve rims up for those jumps??

Well, they didn’t break.

meh i bunny hop jumps on my dura ace c24’s constantly

and i was kinda hoping for more extreme cx stuff than that

truth… if he did a wheelie i’d have added jeremy or damoh in there as well.

Pretty expensive thrashing wheels…

“Dura-Ace: because I’m worth it.”

So was I. Lot of talking.

i was also surprised to see a Downhiller not wearing pyjamas.

Well buddy, you do set the bar pretty high.

Think about wheels is that is about long term stresses. That’s why fatties can ride 16 spoke wheels easily (for a short period of time). That said, the trail riding doesn’t look too bad, i’m sure the ENVEs would be fine.

^ You know there was always Sam…


Yeh, i love that clip. Fucking incredible.

and those commentators make me lol a lot.

You know the riders that always make the most impressive (and fkn cheezy) cross-discipline vids. Trials riders. Prolly posted on of a couple of brothers tricking on roadies yesterday, but this one is more impressive IMO.

Warning: the music is fkn atrocious so turn the sound OFF.


Yeah they’re great. You should have heard them this year with DANNYFKNHART!

heh, I spotted this today.