Dreaming of Ciocc

Gorgeous CIOCC, profiled DEDACCIAI ZERO TRE steel tubes | eBay

some sexay paint

My, my, that is very nice.

do want!


Anyone else notice that the Ciocc C matches up with this C?

Anyone care?

I used to have a Kenevans with pretty much the same exactly paintwork.

Paging gypsy,
That paint is Amazing.

Amazing Yes! Do want, but to many other things keep jumping on my plate. The epic 6 monthly clearout is happening! Can’t wait for the swap this weekend, lets hope we sell as much as we buy Dayne!


I’ve never seen a Ciocc I didn’t like but … all that crimped tubing really is a dumb attempt at some kind tech feature. For looks it rocks, but as a design for improving the tubing on a racing bike … well, it looks cool.

Where is that place, which is listed as it’s location? I don no where Donna plokalski is, it sounded like th guy was makin it up.
I’ll go back and read it again

Seller also has a cool SR Panto’d stem - I’d rock it just becuase the name Egbert is major coolio !!!

Wroclaw, dolnosaski

is this that shit we can do with the lasers? Like dig out our names into parts then put some blue paint in there? Cos that was awesome, the lasers idea.

Poland dude … the land of many consonants, lots of good vodka, bearded grannies and much vintage bikes.

‘whats an Aussie girl get when she marries an polish guy that she wouldn’t get if she marriend an Australian guy?’

An 'ard to pronounce surname! Ehehehehe eh eh