Dremel to borrow, Melbourne?

Need to cut off some stuck on half destroyed cranks. Threads gone, bashed good, last resort is dremel.

I’m in Fitzroy, but I’m helping out a buddy in Brunswick. Can anyone help out?

Actually I might just buy one. Pretty useful tool.

The cheap brand ones from bunnings work fine

If you wanna come up to Coburg North you can borrow mine. I can’t remember what cutting wheels I have at the moment but can check if you wanna come up here.

I also have a set of pickle forks, which work pretty well for that job.

Probably won’t work, but have you ridden the bike around with no crank bolt? Sometimes they come loose.

are you planning on altering the battery box of a super record groupset?

HMC knows all about this, don’t ya james?

holy shit.

You know all about dremel dont ya hmc ay ay!!!

i love old foa jokes

I’m glad this descended into something I don’t understand in my absence. True FOA.

Ended up buying a dremel from Bunnings. Took some serious dremelling, hacksawing and hammering, but got there in the end. The drive side crank was seriously stuck. It was a Raceface Evolve XC crank - and by all accounts these have loose not tight drive side arms - so many reviews of people saying the drive side starts loosens off constantly. My theory is that some previous owner went to town on it so that it would never come off.