Drew Ginn's bike and 'social experiment'

Olympic gold medalist Drew Ginn has a blog, in his latest offering he shows his Masi and tries to explain his ‘no bike lock social experiment’


good luck with that (seriously)

haha… as long as he is experimenting with his own bikes and nobody elses, that’s fine!

I can see where he is coming from, but I certainly know where my “faith in our society” stands…

I like it,

I put my faith in my ability to catch a dude who jumps on a 60cm brakeless track bike pointed down a hill and tries to ride it, I get especially excited about that when it’s wet…

fucking hope it gets stolen

greg ginn


what the fuck?

oooooh heaven is a place on earth…

and it’s called ‘Belinda’

I see Belinda is doing those late-nite ads for 'must have, definitive" 80’s music collections… evidently she’s been in the good paddock for a while (and I like it :evil:)

:slight_smile: i asked a friend to set me up an email address at belindacarlilsen00dz.com - he did 1 better and made a website for me, too.

There’s a flaw in his logic in that he equates the overall health of society with the actions of individual members. Of all thousand people who might walk past your unlocked bike on any given day, it only takes one person to give you a very bad day. That’s only 0.1% but your bike is still 100% stolen. So I don’t think it’s a very accurate social barometer.

Trust your fellow man, but lock your bike.

I rate your logic.

thing is… how many people would actually walk past almost a grand’s worth of bike standing unclaimed in the street?
Of those who wouldnt walk past, stop to look… how many would want to play with it: move it down the street a bit? especially as the game has been made public, and therefore all the pranksters will come out of their hidey-holes

If he had a gps locater on it and had engraved his drivers license ID on it, i would say it would be a fairer experiment to him. The bike will be stolen. If they’ll(yes, the they who steal shit from you when you most need it, and cant afford it) take your bike lights off your bike, and unsecured wheels from you, what exactly is protecting a bike worth this much from the theives in this city?

I’m with speedy, it only takes 0.01% of the population (but to be fairer to well travelled streets 0.001% would be a little more accurate I reckon) and the bike is still 100% gone.
multiply the % of people who would steal the bike by occasions and then multiply by the time left unlocked - I’d be surprised if the bike wasn’t taken within 72hrs of ‘unlocked in public’ time, let alone a month, or even a year’s commute. Although I guess it also is relevant to places left, for how long, and within viewing distance of this person or not

Ok, Taking bets now. How long will it last kids? 72, 48, 24, 110 hours. monthe and a half
i say 5 days, 10 max.

But don’t you understand guys, you feel at one with the bike when you leave it outside unlocked… I love the simplicity and the appearance of not having a D-lock ruining the look of the bike, much like a brake does… :mrgreen:

I’m guessing within 24 hours…

You feel like sharing the love of your Merxx frame?

Just leave it out the front “Pimp Man” and I will take care of the rest

I feel the love baby! <3

there’s no way i’d steal his bike.

of course, i get the impression he’d be more likely to ride a recumbant.

Seriously? less than 24 hours, but only if it’s left unlocked at night.

PS: Does anyone want to buy a slightly ridden Masi fixed gear? It’s going cheap. :wink:

it’s gone full circle!



Why don’t you drop into Drews Bike Shop and have a chat with him about it.

I’m sure he would be more than happy to talk through this with you!


Probably because it’s harder to hide behind a keyboard in person.

Unlikely. He’s v. quick.