Drill rear brake for Cinelli Vigorelli?

How hard would it be do you reckon?
Single speed setup (front and rear brakes needed)
Just get the electric drill going?

I reckon it might be tricky…

Don’t know how thick the tubing is on that brake bridge, so maybe issues about strength if you drill it. But I do know that I wouldn’t drill without some sort of jig clamped to it first to make sure you do it straight.

If you can get the specs on the tubing you can check whether other bikes have it drilled for a brake, or whether they braze on some other bits to stengthen it (think water bottle cage grommets).

good answer ^^^^

What the hell Horatio? Don’t you already have a pair of unbuilt Columbus something somethings to go with your already built pair of Columbus bikes?

You sold your last Vigorelli. Have you bought another?

I wouldn’t drill that without sticking a UT probe on it to check the wall thickness first. Bridges on road bikes usually have reinforcement for the brake mount, this is intended as a chainstay bridge only. Also, measure the reach from rim centre to where the brake bolt would be to check reach.

If it was thick enough to use as a brake mount, I’d ideally mount the frame under a drill press, or failing that start with a centrepunch, then series of drill bits, slowly increasing from ~1mm to 5mm. You’d probably have to use a front brake with some concave washers and a nyloc nut as you won’t get a recessed mount to work.

Just ideas Blakey, just ideas… :slight_smile:

I’ve always liked the frame- sad I sold the last one. And they’re so cheap now, another would be nice.

There is a vigorelli in track cycles Adelaide for sale with both front and back brakes. Might be worth giving them a call to see what they came across when they drilled theirs. They are situated on Norwood Parade Norwood

I wouldn’t, just because I wouldn’t want to run an oversized aluminium frame on the street. Ping ping ping. That’s exactly what cheap (and not so cheap :)) steel road frames from eBay are for!

I’d take a steel over aluminium any day, BUT the Vigorelli does look really nice!

Looks better than this? (Just for one of about a million possible examples!!)

Something about the OS aluminium profiles… but yes I agree with you totally
Okay I’ll keep my shitty Daccordi SLX

It’s that new fluoro, MASH frameset. It’s got him hooked!

or go with something like this to save the frame

DIA-COMPE BRS101 TRACK REAR BRAKE SET for KEIRIN FRAME - eBay, Other Cycling, Cycling, Sport. (end time 28-May-10 04:50:22 AEST)

Can someone in Adelaide confirm this?

And a clamp on rear- I suppose it’s possible- with cable-ties for the cable!

I’m not pulling your chain.

The bike also runs a beautiful “lightweight” crabon wheel set.

If I am near by I will call in and ask a few questions and take some pics

That would be awesome, thankyou!

I did find this on my internet trawling, however the image doesn’t have much detail:

just drill it. they’re so cheap it doesn’t matter if you catastrophically destroy the frame’s integrity, you can just import another :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 I’m getting closer to pulling the trigger on one of these framesets… :smiley:

^ the rear is not plugged like the mash frames are they? I’m guessing you already know anyway…

Yes I knew that, thanks