drive shaft?

check it out

heard about it and looks sweet maybe even a re-invention that has a point.

check out the “Brooklyn” that’s piss funny

You’d have trouble sourcing replacement tyres for that bad boy. Or perhaps just raid the shed for some off a wheelbarrow.
Come to think of it, you’d have more of a problem sourcing some dignity whilst riding that beast (in the most pejorative sense of the word).

The ONLY one of these that hasn’t (quite) been done before is the truly stupid “Brooklyn”.

Its like they have consolidated crap bicycle design into one convienient place

“bikes that are so beautiful that they imbue our cities with new meaning”

“our bikes - and the trendsetters who ride them -have the ability to transform the world into a more beautiful place”

“Lady Frame: Graceful lines, fast ride”

the uglier and more pointless the designs get, the more bullshit they have to pile on.
i’ve seen one of the bamboo ones in a shop - such an overengineered joke of a thing.

When properly prepared (as it is on our Bamboo), fast-growing bamboo is stronger than steel, with a wonderfullu natural radiance. This inticately finished yet highly finctional bike was co-developed with the expertise of Brazilian bamboo specialist Flavio Deslandes, and is handmade in Denmark to our excacting standards

Wow, their bikes are so amazing the realms of existing english words are apparently insufficient to describe them