Drop out pointed to the heavens


Are those drops opening upwards???

Thats can’t be a good thing. If you where going to go to the effot of modifing a frame wouldnt you do it right.

I had a friend flip the rear drops and make it track style

Some friend. Why would you go to the bother of cutting the drop-outs off of an old Schwinn, only to make it ugly, impractical, and ruining the finish of the old frame? Dream bike? Poor soul.

oh, god.
see this? this is why i hate people.
someone actually went to the trouble of butchering this frame to make it both fugly AND unsafe.
and i bet the friend is a benificiary of this guys will.
for about $10 he could have had actual track ends fitted.
one more piece of my soul just died…

If he was running a rear brake, having the dropouts on that angle would actually be useful. The brake pads wouldn’t need to be adjusted in height, no matter where the wheel was positioned.