drops with less reach.

i’m looking for some carbon road bars, traditional bend, with not a heap of reach (aka “throw”). less than 75mm would be nice. taking suggestions, starting now.

Something like This?

Like this?

2011 Easton EC90 SLX3 Handlebar - Competitive Cyclist

They have a lot more of them so it’s worth a look through the site.

nah. it’s the reach i’m struggling with, not the drop.

cinelli RAM bars look ok - anyone had any experience with them?

I have a set of Ritchey WCS alloy bars I retired because the reach was too short. They come in a carbon version too. Not sure of the measurement but worth looking up (or I can sell you mine for very little - 31.8 clamp).

  • Joel

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77mm reach

looking at these in alloy for cross season

Have a play with this: Road Drop Bar Geometry : La Rueda Tropical

I think you’ll be struggling to find <75mm reach. FWIW I run Easton EC90 equipes on both roadies -traditional bend, 75mm reach, 125mm drop and a slightly ovalised top section. I find them very comfortable.

You could also look at some of the swept back ones? Like Ritchey Biomax (don’t think they come in crabon and no traditional bend…) IIRC there’s a weird-ass deda bar with sweep too? Nitto noodles on my commuter, they’re swept back but they make 90 more like 75-80 and they’re definitely not crabon.

or shorter stem + lower bars mebbe?

why don’t you just try a shorter stem? is your bike the right size?

i use ergonova LTDs which are Drop: 123mm Reach: 77mm and have used ec90 aero bars which are Reach - 75mm Drop 130mm

both are stiff and ace bars and work well with campag 11 speed hoods, the 3t bars have a wider flat section on the back of the bars than the ec90 aeros. and for the record and a good 40g’s lighter