Duarte Colombia

So as some of you have seen in Horatio’s Duarte thread, I have bought one too.

Story goes, saw a bike for dirt cheap on gumtree with campy ergo’s… when and bought it.

Stripped some paint off, and after googling for ages, it led me here to discover I had a Duarte made in Colombia!

As I bought it:

Paint off revealing Pantographed head tube:

After stripping the whole bike down I should have taken some photos. Oh well.

Painted the panto’s in the fork:

And the frame, and have since applied colour. I was too slow in between coats, so the paint is now baking in my car, in the sun, so I can sand it back lightly and hit it again with another couple of coats in a few days for a ‘pro finish’.

I will be getting some decals made up soon (as soon as I draw the artwork) so that’ll be rad.

The frame is a 52sq made of Reynolds 501 SL and is the ‘Tour Del’Avenir’ edition. Which puts it as a mid to late 80’s frame. Due to it’s smallish size, I will be building it up for my gf. Probably with Veloce.

Nice, keep it coming. I didn’t ask before but is the frame fully chromed underneath?

The rear dropouts, Chainstays, BB, and about 3 inches of seat stay are. I think the FD hanger was chromed as well. I have taped off the DS chainstay so it remains chrome! Will need a good polish though!

that colour is sweet dude, hot pink pantos is just perfect on it!

Nice work, perth gumtree has the bargains! Those head tube lugs look super clean.

The weather will be good for painting. The weekends gonna be hot!