Dubrat's ebay sale

CLEAR OUT continues

Heaps starting on ebay tonight get on it…

Shit dubrat, you’re selling that Hopkins frame?! Thats super nice - decent buy now too. If only it was about 4cm shorter in the toptube…

Will swap stuff for a 50’s path racer type frame… Like a English Bates or something neat…

Hahaha and the saga continues.

lol the Cinelli not old enough for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

all bike projects are finished so am cashing a slow burner project haha…

or a 5 Star come on people

You don’t know the idea of slow burner

the rebuild of the Pog is burning slowly… haha

sent you a pm about a path racer

lol burning your pocket…

Hope you boys start bidding soon…

Im watching

here we go again

get involved

adriank7815 | eBay

What drilling - Dura ace 7710 front track hub?


Someone must need some of my shit 10% off final price for u cats

Nah, I’m a size 12. Will have a think about the cable kit though.

Whilst tempting I’m not sure if I’ll fit into a size 8 dress !!!

perfect for you Ben

Mate, as much as I’d like them I’d feel a little weird wearing those if we had a few drinks and you mistook me for your Mrs.
Might work for some, though. (little scary … but I hear FNQ is a hotbed for that kinda stuff).