Dubrat's ebay sale

The only logical conclusion to all of this is FOA xmas drinks at the Taxi Club.


There, with bells on … (attached to … ?). Nothing like a good night at the Taxi Club to sort the men from the …

<I should quit now>

Only if your wearing this HM

Manning Cartel Dress Size 8 Black Gunmetal Grey | eBay

What’s with the “never worn” claim? Did you get busted? Or was it some mail order stuff where the Mrs. said enough with this role playing?

Seems we have even more in common !!

YES never worn by her…

Missus says as long as I have bike parts arriving daily she will continue to have clothes arriving daily…

looks like I won’t be bidding then…

That’s the exact agreement that I have with my wife. Hence why I get stuff delivered to work and smuggle them home.

What does she get at delivered at work?

Chick’s are smarter than us. Don’t be ashamed to tell her you’re an addict and play it up front. Best option for long term harmony. Failing that express a desire to sell all your bike stuff and take up hookers and blow as your new hobby.

the wife said that she was gonna spend all the money i left her last night on pizza and cocaine.

i told her that she’ll then be one slice short of the addiction trifecta: <insert vice here>, hookers and blow.

she laughed.

Good that she’s got a sense of humour but it’s easy to tell she’s bluffing badly because pizza and cocaine don’t go together at all.

NOS clothes?

pizza? coke? dubrat’s wife’s NOS clothes? too much passion!


Heaps more auctions up

How come you removed a few bits from the auction?

for lads from the FOA

as I would for anyone here…

Oh really. Sweet ill keep that in mind. I’m looking around for some more cranks! Haha

Never ever thought I would do this but

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

Holy shit!