Dufflay - BOgear Duffles are here!

Our first batch of duffles are starting to hit the trimming tables! These are 25L in volume, and legal carry-on size. Measuring 210mm x 260mm x 460mm they can easily fit your work/rest/play gear. 13 inch laptops, A4 files, carton of beer + ice, muddy CX gear; It will all fit in here. Also fits Blakey’s cat (and partially fits our Helen!)

We’ve got a limited edition batch already completed, as well as our standard edition being constructed now! For more info, head to our Dufflay Page. And an obligatory photograph of some of the limited edition colours.

cat approved.


Have been rocking mine too as a track bag for track. Will fit enough tools to assemble a track bike, helmet, shoes, towel, lollies, cycling kit as well as 4 full sample sizing kits.
Straps are also just long enough to backpack too.

So I’m not sure if anyone has noticed (I hope they have), but we’ve been changing the BOgear banner ad each week to help catch people’s eye and get folks to check out the goooooooooods.

so this is just a little bump to help people that may be interested in a duffle bag. coz they look pretty sweet i reckon, and i bet you’d use it heaps!

here is a gratuitous shot of helen


i haz cuztem wun on teh waay, well wikkid!

^ saw your bag at the weekend, looks rad!

This one…